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Get Url Reference -

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This is just for reference to get the URL based on HttpRequest Class.

You can call the method below :

Request.ApplicationPath :   /virtual_dir

Request.CurrentExecutionFilePath :  /virtual_dir/webapp/page.aspx

Request.FilePath :  /virtual_dir/webapp/page.aspx

Request.Path :  /virtual_dir/webapp/page.aspx

Request.PhysicalApplicationPath :   d:\Inetpub\wwwroot\virtual_dir\

Request.QueryString :   /virtual_dir/webapp/page.aspx?q=qvalue

Request.Url.AbsolutePath :  /virtual_dir/webapp/page.aspx

Request.Url.AbsoluteUri :   http://localhost:2000/virtual_dir/webapp/page.aspx?q=qvalue

Request.Url.Host :  localhost

Request.Url.Authority : localhost:80

Request.Url.LocalPath : /virtual_dir/webapp/page.aspx

Request.Url.PathAndQuery :  /virtual_dir/webapp/page.aspx?q=qvalue

Request.Url.Port :  80

Request.Url.Query : ?q=qvalue

Request.Url.Scheme :    http

Request.Url.Segments :  /




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